"The Belleville Beer & Wine Story"

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On February 1, 1995 Belleville Beer & Wine started selling wine and beer supplies in Unit #2 at the same Waterview Plaza on Dundas Street East in Belleville, Ontario. With only 800 square feet available it only took us 2 years to outgrow this location. We moved to the larger Unit #7 to allow us to expand into on-premise wine making. The response was overwhelming. After 2 years we decided to move again, this time to the biggest unit in the plaza... Unit #6.

I remember my older brother asking me "What are you going to do when you outgrow the unit?", I just laughed. At the time, I could not have imagined needing more space for our business. We were very comfortable in Unit # 6 for about 4 years... and guess what, we expanded again! Currently, we have both Unit #6 and #7 to accommodate our customers.

Our retail and on-premise wine making facilities is the finest in the Quinte region. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help make your wine making experience easy and enjoyable.

The origins of wine.

Rules Governing Our Industry

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Provincial laws regulate our industry very tightly. They provide the rules by which we and our customers must abide. We've listed the key regulations here for your information

  • Winemakers and their assistants must be of legal drinking age to use in-store winery services
  • Sampling of wine prior to purchase is not permitted
  • Sampling of wine prior to bottling (the day of) is limited to 170ml (five ounces) per batch by the winemaker whose name appears on the contract
  • Exchanging wines on–site with other winemakers is not permitted.
  • Neither the on-premise winemaker nor his/her staff can add yeast to a batch of juice. This must be done by the customer.
  • Customers must bottle their own wine; neither the winemaker nor his/her staff may bottle the wine on behalf of the customer.
  • On-premise wine-making establishments cannot store wines for the customer once bottled.